Opening Session

Mihály Ficsor:  Opening speech
Dr. Miklós Bendzsel:  Opening speech
Geoffrey Yu:  Opening speech
Petya Tocharova: Opening speech
Victor Nabhan: Opening speech

Topic 1: Copying and Dissemination Through Digital Networks

Tarja Koskinen-Olsson: Introduction
Eric Baptiste: The creators' viewpoint
Emery Simon: The software industry as a harbinger of evolving distribution models
Maria Martin-Prat: The viewpoint of the phonographic industry

Topic 2: Private Copying: Existing Legislative Solutions And Proposals for Future Legal Development

Jane Ginsburg: Questionnaire on digital private copying prepared by the Working Group
Jane Ginsburg: Introduction
Hannah Shay: General Report - Part A National provisions relating to private copying
Margo E. Crespin: General report - Part B The definition of private copying
Jane Ginsburg: Remarks between the presentations
Stefan Martin: General Report - Part C Summary of the national reports on the questions concerning the regime of private copying in the analog domain
Antoine Latreille: General Report - Part D Legislative activity concerning private copying
Thomas Dreier: General report - Parts E/F/G implementation of the EU directive. Factual background. existing studies

Topic 3: Policy Questions Concerningthe Legal Treatment of Copying and Dissemination through Digital Networks

William Cornish: Introduction
Pierre Sirinelli: Reproduction and dissemination through digital networks from the viewpoint of French law
Shira Perlmutter: Availability of works, choice for consumers, confidence in markets
Bernt Hugenholtz: The future of copyright levies in the digital environment
Alain Strowel: C: C & C Copyright: Control and compensation
Takashi B. Yamamoto:  How to approach limitations in the digital network environment
Alberto Bercovitz: Political questions relating to the legal treatment of reproduction and dissemination through digital networks
Jon Bing: Policy questions concerning the legal treatment of copying and dissemination through digital networks

Topic 4: Existing Levy Systems

Claude Brunet: Introduction
Willem Wanrooij: Remuneration systems for private copying in Europe
Gillian Davies: The position of the United Kingdom
Margarida Almeida-Rocha: The situation in Portugal
Robert Hadl: Levies in the United States - myths and reality
Irina V. Savelieva: Private copying under the Russian copyright law
Adolf Dietz: Existing levy systems - Germany
Ramón Casas Vallés: Private copying remuneration in Spain
Gabriel e. Larrea Richerand: Private copying as seen from Mexico
Gun Magnusson: The Swedish levy system
Vincent Salvadé: The rights to remuneration in Switzerland

Topic 5: Technologically Controlled Dissemination through Digital Networks

Jan Rosén: Introduction
Ted Shapiro: The film industry's viewpoint
Pawel J. Stelmaszczyk: The software industry's viewpoint
Carlo Scollo Lavizzari: The viewpoint of the publishing industry - Current practices and outlook
Hideki Nogata: The viewpoint of authors' societies - The case of mobile phone ringtones in Japan

Topic 6: Summary of Discussions

Thomas Dreier: Summary
André Lucas: Observations to the summary
Eric Smith: Observations to the summary
Henry Olsson: Observations to the summary

Topic 7: "The Closest Neighbors": Protection of Performers' Rights after the 1996 and 2000 WIPO Diplomatic Conferences

Questionnaire concerning topic 7
Michel Walter: Introduction
Pál Tomori: Protection, exercise and enforcement of performers' rights after the 1996 and 2000 WIPO Diplomatic Conferences summary and analysis of the answers to the questionnaire
Benoît Machuel: The definition of "phonogram" in the WPPT
Dominick Luquer: The protection of audiovisual performances

Topics 8 and 9: The Protection of Performers' Rights Concerning their Aural Performances

Willem Grosheide: Introduction before Topic 8
Luis Cobos: Budapest Manifesto What do artists want?
Willem Grosheide: Introduction before Topic 9
Fabienne Brison: International protection of performers. taking a look back and another one towards the future
Paloma López Peláez: The implementation of the information society directive in Spain: the Issue of the Right of Making Available. Other topics related to the performers' situation in Spain
Ysolde Gendreau: The protection of neighboring rights of performers in Canada in the light of the 1996 WIPO Treaty

Topics 10 and 11: The Protection of Performers' Rights Concerning Their Audiovisual Performances

Jean Vincent: Introduction
Monica Randall: Audiovisual performers' hopes and demands before the preparation of a third try after 1996 and 2000
Abelmartín Villarejo: Reflections on the protection of audiovisual performances
Silke von Lewinski: The protection of performers in the audiovisual field in Europe and the United States
Ralph Oman: The protection of actors' rights: The U.S. perspective
Samuel Shu Masuyama: Recent Developments in Japan

Closing session

Victor Nabhan: Closing speech

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